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Trek to Choquequirao

Choquequirao is a tour for lovers of long walks, where you can see incredible landscapes of the Apurimac Canyon, considered one of the deepest in America. National Geographic names Choquequirao one of the best 20 destinations in the world since it is considered the sacred sister of MACHUPICHU, a wonder of the world to this day.

Arriving at Choquequirao, which still has much to offer visitors and scholars, since only 60% of the total citadel has been restored and much remains to be discovered. Departures to Choquequirao can be from Cusco or from the city of Abancay, Apurimac region everything depends on your availability, both routes offer everything you need for your trip to Choquequirao.

9:00 am recojo desde  su hotel para dirigirnos a cachora  donde compraremos lo que nos aga falta apoyando la economía local  y continuamos a capuliyoc  donde nos estarán esperando nuestro arriero  y guía que nos acompañara durante los días de viaje .

En capuliyoc será nuestro almuerzo  desde aquí tendremos una caminata de 3 horas hasta nuestro primer campamento chiquiscca donde disfrutaremos de una cena y descansaremos para el dia 2 que sera el mas difícil .

We will have breakfast very early, we will leave Chiquiscca to continue our adventure at 5 am, we will walk 1 hour to Rosalinda beach, we will cross the Apurimac river and we will begin the zigzag climb, which is the most rigorous, this climb takes approximately 5 hours, it is important to leave early so as not to be punished for the morning heat.
We arrive at Marampata we will have our lunch and dinner and we will rest after doing such a feat here we will regain strength that we still need a little more to reach Choquequirao.

We leave the camp very early so as not to miss any detail of the citadel and after an hour and a half walk we arrive at Choquequirao. Here we will have about 4 hours to visit its main sectors and ceremonial centers. Being in Chocoquirao is a unique experience since you have the citadel just for you most of the time and you can perceive its mystery through every corridor, every stairway during your tour.
We finish our tour at approximately 11 am and return to Marampata for our lunch and begin the descent to Rosalinda beach and then to Chiquiscca at approximately 6:30 pm there will be our 3rd camp and our dinner.

Después de nuestro desayuno a las 4:30 am de la mañana y empezamos nuestro ultimo tramo hasta el mirador de capuliyoc aquí nos recibirán nuestra movilidad nos despediremos de los arrieros y guía y continuaremos en auto hasta Abancay donde terminara el viaje .

Debemos resaltar que si deseas el retorno al cusco lo podemos coordinar de la misma forma .

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