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San Juan Festivity

Fiesta de San Juan

Throughout the year in our beautiful country there are many festivities, including those of the mountains and the jungle; The most remembered and well-known festivities are those of the carnivals in Coya and the Fiesta de San Juan, precisely in this we have a good moment to be able to think and remember all the history that brings us thanks to the news and historical data.

Here is a brief summary of these festivities:

Every June 24 this festivity is celebrated because homage is paid to San Juan Bautista, patron saint of the departments of San Martín, Loreto and Ucayali. And it is because of the faith of its inhabitants that with great joy and fervor each year they dedicate this impressive festival to it. According to a new bill, it has been declared that, as of 2022, this date will be a non-working holiday for the departments of Ucayali, Loreto, San Martín, Amazonas, Madre de Dios and Huánuco.

What is the history of the feast of San Juan?

To talk about this festivity we must go back to colonial times, when a group of missionaries named Saint John the Baptist as the patron saint of the Peruvian Amazon, in commemoration of his birth. And since this biblical character was responsible for the baptism of Jesus in the Jordan River, until now there is a very strong connection between the festival and water, which is why it is celebrated in fountains, rivers and lagoons. In the early years, the religious ceremony was accompanied by meetings that were characterized by warmth and jungle joy, where music and dances were present. In the 20th century, this festival became official, being celebrated in many locations apart from those mentioned.

Fiesta de San Juan en la amazonia peruana

Where is the feast of San Juan celebrated?

It is celebrated in different cities and towns in the Peruvian jungle, but some of the favorite tourist places are Loreto, Madre de Dios, Ucayali, Tingo María and San Martín. Next, we will tell you how to live in each of these departments so that you can choose where to celebrate the next Fiesta de San Juan.


During the San Juan festival, Ucayali celebrates with typical bands and the best of regional cuisine. It should also be noted that traditionally in the days prior to the Fiesta de San Juan, the Regional Fair of San Juan takes place, in honor of the patron saint of the Amazon.


In this Peruvian department, the festival of San Juan is also celebrated in a special way, with different rituals that have the devotees of the area as protagonists. One of them is “the blessed bath”, which is carried out as purification one day before the central date in the local rivers.
On the central date of the festivity, the entire town congregates in San Juan, a place that hosts the masses in honor of the main saint of the celebration.

Processional routes in which typical bands from the region pay homage to the patron saint are also part of the festival.

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