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All men always look for a destination to take their family, partner or friends, but very few look for quality and comfort; they go towards the most commercial and at the same time diverse; there are multiple destinations to walk or enjoy photographic tourism.

In our Peru we recognize among the best places; Arequipa; Lima and Ica; for the diversity of beautiful attractions they have.

Peru is how we know a country; multiethnic, multicultural, educated and above all diverse; In our professional judgment these would be the destinations to visit:

It is a beautiful destination, which is very visited in the summer season by the family, due to its beaches; among them we find Mollendo, Mejía and Camaná; these destinations are visited by multiple nationalities of tourists, but mostly nationals.

The province of Islay, apart from that, offers many family moments; for couples, for example: the great beaches and parties in the discotheque of a club; The average family range is S/2000.00 per month; the maximum length of stay for a family is 1 month; then they all return to their homes.

Being the capital, it has much more influx than other tourist places, people always go as a couple or large families to enjoy these beaches: San Bartolo, Santa María del Mar, León Dormido and El Silencio.

Here open shows are offered, which require hiring artists and organizing social events; In addition, wealthy families go and spend a lot of budget on their vacations, tourism in the capital is diverse, families come down from the southern part of Lima; Center and Fence, Los Olivos, Punta Hermosa; Miraflores, in general from many parts of Lima.

Es otro destino bastante hermoso; el cual es famoso y conocido por sus atractivos turísticos cercanos a la Localidad de la ciudad de Ica; aquí el pasajero tendrá la posibilidad de admirar la Laguna de la Huacachina, gran atractivo en el desierto; se puede realizar la actividad de los viñedos y el sandboarding; también los Tubulares forman parte de nuestros diversos servicios turísticos; el destino de Ica es el más recomendable y más cercano fuera de Lima.  

Ica, sin dudas será siempre un lugar requerido para disfrutar en familia o pareja.


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