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Corpus Christi in Cusco

Cuzco; cradle of the great empires and the oldest civilizations in Peru, receives its jubilee month together with a beautiful set of dances, from all localities; a month where families and couples come close to enjoy capturing images with their friends or relatives, a combination of costumes and dances meet in the Plaza de Armas from June 23 to 25, many ladies prepare their typical dishes in stands, duly classified , tourists also taste both chicha blanca and its beers; the comparsas pass in the time of Corpus Christi; accumulating almost 30 minutes for each saint, completing the passage in approximately 2 hours and a half, apart from that charges are made around the Plaza de Armas, which have carguyocs and godparents who always have to donate a case of beers or a plate of suckling pig with tamale, to be able to fulfill the donation.
Corpus Christi
Children in Corpus Christi dressed in typical costumes

Corpus Christi only has one day of duration of 1 day, then the people of Cusco dedicate themselves to other areas, on the central day the troupes have parties and consume a large amount of alcohol and typical dishes; the walk in the Plaza de Armas has an order established by the clergyman; Several youths from the comparsas carry the saint on a litter.

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