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Cusco Traditional Adventure

You will come to enjoy and admire many landscapes of Cusco among which you can enter the majesty of nature, first we will see the most beautiful of our attractions in the Sacred Valley and then we will go to the two most famous places worldwide and in Latin America; This package is characterized by showing us another part of Tourism in Peru, TY TRAVEL PERU awaits you to offer the best of adventure and the best tourist service.

Itinerary Cusco traditional

Day 01:Arrive to Cusco
Day 02:City tour in Cusco
Day 03:Sacred Valley of the Incas
Day 04:Humantay lake full day
Day 05:Rainbow mountain full day
Day 06:Alternative South Valley (Huasao Wetlands)
Foto: Caminata a Laguna Humantay

You will be picked up from the Airport with a company staff who will wear the colors of the travel agency; our transfer In will last a period of 30 to 45 minutes depending on the hostel or hotel where you are staying.

You leave from the Hotel in the direction of Av. El Sol, to start the tour in the Qorikancha, which is not included in the tourist package; the City tour will start at the Temple of the Sun to be able to offer guidance by a specialist from our agency, the guided tour will last a total of 40 minutes; Later we will have a stop at Saqsayhuaman to take the first photos and start with Sgte. destination: Archaeological Park of Saqsayhuaman; our guide will tell the main legends and stories of the Inca era, since this place was at some point an Inca ceremonial temple, we will have a guide of a total of 30 minutes, we take the respective photos for the memory. We continue with the tour visiting the Qenqo Fortress, here we will have another 15-minute guide, where we can also learn about the first ceremonial acts and something else from the Inca era.

You will leave your lodging or hotel early having breakfast, a tourist transport will pick you up to start our journey to the Sacred Valley of the Incas; We first arrive at the town of Pisaq; here we will have a guide for 1 hour and a half, to learn about the Inca philosophy and architecture, we listen carefully to the guide who will use his main techniques to be able to give us the respective explanation; we finished with a group photo and finally left the room.

We leave the City of Pisaq to head towards Urubamba where we will have the Buffet Lunch in the restaurant chosen by the passenger; after tasting the delicious gourmet food; We go to the last stop in Ollantaytambo, where we will have the final guide for the return to Cusco.

Our tour ends at 6:30 pm approx; the arrival in Cusco will be in 1 hour with 50 minutes also approximately.

You will be picked up from your Hotel or Hostel, approximately at 4 to 4:30 am; a tourist transport will wait for you at our meeting point, between Plaza De Armas and Regocijo; later we will have a trip of 1 hour and a half to the town of Mollepata, where we will have breakfast at 7:15 am approx; In this opportunity we go to CASA SALKANTAY, our main point and chosen restaurant; After this time we will go to the town and the main starting point of our walk; we speak of Soraypampa; the vehicle will lie in the parking spot; the passengers will go down to start the breafing prior to our walk in charge of our responsible guide; we climb for approximately 1 hour and 45 minutes to reach the end of the trek; we will arrive at the Humantay Mountain; where; At the foothills is the main attraction of the tour: Laguna del Humantay; a turquoise lagoon; later we will have a guide which will have the participation of the passengers of the group to understand about the offerings to the Pachamama; This tour ends with the return walk to Soraypampa; later we return to our chosen restaurant

SALKANTAY HOUSE, where we will taste a delicious Buffet lunch, finally the passengers board our transport that will take them towards the beautiful city of Cusco.

Our tour will end at approximately 6:30 pm.

We leave very early for our tour, the tourist transport will pick us up at 4:30 am near the Plaza de Armas or Regocijo, this time we will always be 30 minutes before departure to avoid setbacks; Our tourist transport departs towards the town of Cusipata, we will have 1 hour and 45 minutes of travel, it is recommended to rest the entire trajectory; we take the respective breakfast in the BALCONSILLO; later we will arrive at the starting point of our walk, which will last approximately 1 hour and 20 minutes; here we can use the available tourist services such as shops and bathrooms; we reached the top of Vininkunka for the respective group photo; finally we listen to the technical and practical guidance of our adventure professional; We can take photos with the alpacas and vicuñas present in this location, we finish with the descent towards our tourist transport.

We will have the Buffet Lunch at the Balconsillo, a good place to taste the best of New Andean food; Finally, we leave a small tip to our guide, at our own choice, and we head towards the tourist transport to finish in Cusco.

You will be picked up early by our tourist transport; We leave the Hotel having breakfast, our first stop point will be the beautiful town of Huasao, where the transport will stop to start with the descent of the passengers, we pass the control point of the Wetlands, we pay entrance and we begin the walk that it will take approximately 40 to 45 minutes to observe 12 figures in medical silicone; Later we will take a photo with the main attraction of the Wetlands, we finish the tour and we will go by private transport to Lucre, we sit down to contemplate the best of the view towards the Huacarpay Lagoon, where we will take photos to enjoy the last visit; We can visit the stop for small boats at the passenger’s choice and walk with the family; finally we can always taste at the passenger’s choice; Dulce Nevada desserts, the best in the town of Lucre; our guide will take the group photo and finally we return to Cusco.

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