Dances prior to the Inti Raymi ceremony +51 983 110 162 Dances prior to the Inti Raymi ceremony June arrives and we welcome it with a lot of color Index Blog Dances prior to the Inti Raymi ceremony “June arrives and we receive it with a lot of color, many dance groups and organizations for events, even the EMUFEC has an […]

Places to visit in summer

Places to visit in Summer We show you a list of the places you can visit in summer time Index Blog Places to visit in summer WHAT PLACES CAN I VISIT FOR THE SUMMER SEASON? All men always look for a destination to take their family, partner or friends, but very few look for quality […]

San Juan Festivity

Fiesta de San Juan

San Juan Festivity Tribute to the patron of the jungle Home Blog San Juan Festivity San Juan Festivity Throughout the year in our beautiful country there are many festivities, including those of the mountains and the jungle; The most remembered and well-known festivities are those of the carnivals in Coya and the Fiesta de San […]

Apurimac – El dios que habla

El dios que habla

Apurimac – El dios que habla Apurimac Full day Moderate Index Perú Aventurero Apurimac – El dios que habla El Dios que habla BOSQUE DE PIEDRAS PAMPACHIRI + CASA DE LOS PITUFOS + AUQUISLLACTA +CHINKANA START: 4 AM we start our trip to this incredible place called Pampachiri, which is a very special stone forest […]


Inti Raymi Cusco

Festivals of Cusco Home Blog Festivals of Cusco Festivals of Cusco Cusco; una fuente y centro de energía importante, fue también el centro de muchas ceremonias de veneración a los astros, antiguamente en la plaza de Chuquipampa, en las alturas de Saqsayhuaman, el Inca levantaba en sus manos el Kero, el cual en el interior […]

Tips for long treks

Trekking Perú

TIPS FOR A GOOD TREEKING ON LONG HIKES Una celebración que dura 18 días Home Blog Tips for long treks Tips for long treks Tourism in its branch of Adventure Tourism implies a lot of risk, which must be foreseen by wearing the indicated and above all professional footwear; According to the route, the passenger […]

Festivities of Corpus Christi Month of Cusco

Corpus Christi

Corpus Christi Cusco A celebration that lasts 18 days Home Blog Corpus Christi en Cusco Corpus Christi in Cusco Cuzco; cradle of the great empires and the oldest civilizations in Peru, receives its jubilee month together with a beautiful set of dances, from all localities; a month where families and couples come close to enjoy […]